Artist Statement.

In my practice I work with photography, film and occasionally sculpture. As a lot of the inspiration for my work comes from movies, all of these mediums speak to that.The movies I tend to gravitate towards the most are ones in the horror genre. I find that they have a generally chaotic nature, whether it is theming or storyline, which provides a great space to creativity. I look at movie stills as artwork or photography, like a snapshot of that small moment in a film. Then sometimes I like to extend this snapshot to a couple of seconds for this moment/scene, that's where film comes into my practice. These two mediums complement each other and my interests, within my practice very nicely, as the influence of movies is clear.


My work with sculpture often stems from the use of props in films. In the movie industry these objects are made by prop artists or special effects technicians, who have training in the arts and sculpture. What I'm trying to point out is that the props taken out of the world of cinema are actually pieces of art themselves. I find that bringing these objects into the studio space, amplifies this aspect of movies and what goes into making them, is a form of artwork on a larger scale.


Within my practice I have looked into the concept of the Uncanny, fear of the unfamiliar, and the experience of intellectual uncertainty. In my work there seems to be undenying unnerving atmosphere. The seemingly normal settings,  with editing I tend to add unnatural lighting and eering angles or objects. I always feel like my work feels like it captures dream logic, and plays into surrealism. The uncanny and surreal can come hand in hand when it comes to making the viewer feel uncomfortable and that’s something I like to explore within my work.